Illuminate the World!

Are you going for a TEDx talk?

You probably know that achieving a TEDx talk can be a real game-changer.

A lifetime milestone.

When you have the right “idea worth spreading,” it can change your career in profound ways and can leave a lasting legacy for you to be remembered by for many years.

Doing your TEDx talk can position you as a global thought-leader because your video can be seen in over 192 countries. People who do a TED or TEDx talk get invited to do more speaking, get paid keynotes at conferences, attract major media attention, secure book deals, meet influential people and so much more!

It’s hard to get accepted (and I can help you with that as well) but assuming you have, it would be understandable if you’re just a bit nervous now, right? I totally get that. Lots at stake, right?

I bet you’re asking yourself…

What if it’s not a compelling talk? How do I structure it? Should I use stories? What about tools and takeaways? How do I keep people engaged the whole time? Should I use slides, props, humor? How in the world do I put everything I know into less than 18 minutes?!


That’s why you need a coach to assist you through the entire process.

You really shouldn’t do this alone.


I’ve helped a lot of people craft their TEDx talks and have first-hand knowledge about what it takes.

Beyond coaching, I’ve even produced and hosted my own TEDx event!

I partnered with Ajit Matthew George, the Organizer of TEDxWilmington, one of the most active TEDx organizers in the world. He and I worked together to create TEDxWilmingtonSalonFireside – an innovative, themed TEDx event which featured 10 speakers all who use the power of story in their work.

I did this for two reasons:

1) Producing my own TEDx event would get me totally behind-the-scenes so that I could share with my clients about how it all works from the inside.

2) I so believe in the power of story to “illuminate the world” that I wanted to create a TEDx event which feature speakers who somehow use storytelling to make a positive impact in the world.

TEDxFireside took place on December 21, 2017 – deliberately on the Winter Solstice – to a sold-out audience who came together on this darkest day of the year around the “primal campfire” to have a fireside chat. I was thrilled to invite 10 remarkable speakers on to the TEDxWilmington red carpet and now they are able to get their message out all over the world through their TEDx talk.

So…as you can see, I am enthusiastic about all things TED and would love to help you achieve this milestone for yourself.


When you and I work together, I can:

  • Advise you on the application process if you’ve not already been accepted.
  • Help your figure out – or refine – your “idea worth spreading.” You want to make sure your idea is TED-worthy and compelling, including clarifying your “why” and who in particular your TEDx talk is aimed at.
  • Figure out the “throughline” and structure of your talk.
  • Identify key elements of your talk including stories, outside evidence, reveals, tools, takeaways and more.
  • Create the perfect “hook” which draws the audience in within the first 60 seconds.
  • Work on your detailed outlines.
  • Help you with revisions as you receive feedback from the TEDx curating team.
  • Work on your final scripts and in-process videos.
  • Help you with your slide presentation if needed.
  • Help you create demos, props or other creative elements.
  • Make sure you sound authentic and come across naturally.
  • Make sure you’re not boring!
  • Keep your talk within 30 seconds LESS than the assigned time you’ve been given.
  • What to wear and tricks of the trade
  • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!

Remember, your TED or TEDx talk will literally change your life and the lives of countless others.

Plus, getting my help in crafting your compelling talk can increase your product sales, your visibility and make you much more in demand. Your investment in not doing this on your own will more than pay for itself once your message is visible on a global platform!

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“I have given 2 TEDx talks, watched over 350 talks by others and what I know from this experience is that there is a great coach behind every great TEDx talk -something I did not have for my first talk.

I chose Geoffrey Berwind as my coach for my second TEDx talk I gave in November, 2017 at TEDxWilmingtonWomen because of his storytelling capabilities.  The interweaving of a personal story was critical to my idea worth spreading and I got everything I was hoping for in terms of refining my content and working on transitions to totally connect the story and the idea.  But I got a lot more.

Geoffrey coached me to bring out more humor, something that does not come naturally for me in a formal setting.  And then he practiced with me on how to “move” on stage to keep the energy up and emphasize just the right points.  I believe my latest talk was a personal best for me.

I highly recommend Geoffrey as a TEDx coach.”

Sarah Brown

TEDx talk – “What My Job Taught Me About Finding a Romantic Partner”

“When I received an invitation to give a TEDx Talk, I knew there was only one person to ask for help, Geoffrey Berwind. Geoffrey is THE master craftsman of storytelling and he helped me turn my average speech into a living, vibrant, audience experience. Teaching me the nuances of timing, body language, and attention to detail, Geoffrey not only helped me create an amazing speech but a strong foundation for my professional speaking career. As I developed my TEDx talk, he was constantly available to help me refine and improve both the content and delivery. I know I aced it because of his excellent coaching. Thank you Geoffrey!”

Kevin Rose

TEDx talk – “Can Tigers Tame Your Stress?”

“Geoffrey helped me accomplish my dream of delivering a strong and compelling TEDx talk.
First, he helped me excavate my “one idea worth sharing” from a lifetime of experience. I had written a 230-page book but I had no idea how to hone that down into a twelve-minute talk. Geoffrey helped me say more with fewer words and helped my map out the entire talk.

Geoffrey is a master at getting to the heart and depth of the story. As part of his coaching, Geoffrey helped me stage my talk and find my natural and authentic voice. Bottom line, what I learned from Geoffrey gave me the confidence to share my message with the world.”

Colleen O’Grady

TEDx talk – “Ticked-off Teen Daughters & Stressed-Out Moms: 3 Keys

“When I was invited to give my TEDx talk “Is Your Body Image Holding You Back?” the first person I reached out for help was my coach Geoffrey Berwind.

Developing and refining the content, how to start, when to pause, what words to emphasize, how to command the stage…all these and more would have been lost had it not been for all the hand-holding and the expert guidance I received from Geoffrey. I highly recommend anyone and everyone thinking of giving a TED talk to seek Geoffrey’s advice on how to make their speech one that will be remembered for years to come. Thank you Geoffrey!”

Rani St. Pucchi

TEDx talk – “Is your body image holding you back?”