Story Focus Day

Here’s your opportunity to work privately with storytelling expert Geoffrey Berwind to craft your unique Signature Stories.

Have you ever seen someone else make a presentation and you looked around the room and saw that people were totally engaged and connecting to that speaker?  And, maybe you felt a tinge of envy that they could do that so well. I bet that’s because they figured out how to be a master storyteller.

Story Focus Day with Geoffrey BerwindEven though storytelling goes back tens of thousands of years, it doesn’t necessarily come naturally.  Yet, it definitely can be something that is learned and mastered.  We are all so close to our own lives that it can be hard to see how truly unique, valuable, and interesting we really are and how we can turn those into the right stories, crafted in the right manner, in ways which will wow your audiences.

You need somebody to come alongside of you, pull your stories out and show you the best ways to deliver them.

You need a Story Coach.

Behind every great leader, celebrity and sports figure there’s a coach – that special someone who has been behind-the-scenes and provided that encouragement, strategic advice and incisive coaching which leads to success.

And that’s exactly what I do as a storytelling coach. My passion is to help you achieve mastery in storytelling because you may be one story away from getting anything you want in life.

Imagine what your life would look like with more meaningful relationships, greater credibility, more recognition and influence and, frankly, more sales.  Discovering how to use the power of storytelling can make all that happen.

(And, between you and me, wouldn’t it be nice to be on the receiving end of a standing ovation once in a while?)

It is because of the many years of experience I’ve had in coaching others which has proven to me that your own real-life stories are the most valuable communications tool you can have.

Why do I call stories a fail-safe way to communicate? Well, people remember stories more than facts!  It’s how our brains work because humans have processed information through stories since the beginning of time.  So, there’s real brain science behind all this.

So how can you create a story that moves, motivates, and influences people to take action?.

The first thing you need to do is identify which stories to develop.  When I first talk with people, they tell me either “Oh, I’m not a storyteller,” or “I have no stories to tell.”  Maybe they’re comparing themselves to someone who does know how to tell stories naturally but the reality is we can ALL learn to be master storytellers.  And, we have plenty of life experiences to share which will make a difference to others.  You just need an expert to pull these out of you and, in a sense, offer you “permission to tell them.”

Please don’t keep your stories hidden.  They have the power to change lives but they need to be heard.

(By the way, you don’t need to feel that you only have “small, everyday” stories – I’ve found that these are almost always the ideal ones to develop, because life is lived in the everyday and that’s where we can relate to each other best.)

That’s why I have such a passion to show you how to tell your stories in the most effective ways possible.  I will show you how to turn a good talk into a GREAT talk.

Need more convincing? Read the story of how Geoffrey helped one of his clients strengthen her presentation skills and directly increase sales of her book as a result!

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Aviva Goldfarb - Storytelling SuccessAviva’s Story

Aviva Goldfarb is an attractive forty-something mom-turned-business owner whose mission is to help bring families back around the dinner table by providing them easy to prepare healthy meals. She’s the founder of The Six O’Clock Scramble and has been featured in the New York Times, The Today Show and other major media outlets.

A few years ago, Aviva contacted me asking for help. Her new book had just hit the streets and she was already doing a lot of speaking to promote both the book and her online family dinner planner for busy parents. Aviva is one of those special people who are always looking for ways to take things to the next level, to be her best and to look for efficient shortcuts. She is one of the most positive people I’ve met.

“Geoffrey, I already do a lot of speaking and I know people like what I teach, but sometimes I can tell they aren’t connecting with me as much I want them to, and I’m worried it’s affecting product sales. Do you have any ideas what I can do from the stage to make me more relatable to my audience?”

Knowing how properly crafted and told stories powerfully influence our audiences, I worked with Aviva to craft what I call “The Why I Do What I Do” story.

First, I asked her about her mission.

“I want to get families back around the dinner table.”


“Um…well, nobody has time anymore to prepare a healthy meal.”

“Why? Why does this matter in the big scheme of things? People have busy lives…so what? Tell me about your own upbringing.”

Turns out that Aviva didn’t have the easiest childhood. We continued to search for her “why.”

Suddenly, she recalled that the only time when she and her parents really connected with each other was (yep, you guessed it) over dinner. The dinner hour represented some of Aviva’s happiest childhood memories but until just now she hadn’t made this connection…she was so focused on growing her business she hadn’t taken the time to think about her own story behind it.

“Aviva, could it be that the work you do now is directly tied to bringing back the best of what you experienced as a child?”

Long pause. Then, through some tears she said, “Oh my God…of course…why didn’t I realize that on my own?!”

(We are all so close to our lives that we often don’t realize we have powerful stories to tell. That’s why you need a story coach.)

I showed her how to craft this “ah-ha!” into a memorable Signature Story, then we practiced it in preparation for the speech she was about to give soon after our time together.

A few weeks later I walked into my office and noticed the red blinking light on my desk phone, indicating a voicemail message had been left overnight.

“Geoffrey! I just gave the same presentation I’ve given for a while now but this time started it with the story you and I worked on. It was incredible! I instantly sold twice as many books and got my first standing ovation. After I finished people rushed up to me saying ‘I loved your story!’

Aviva was the first business owner I worked with to develop one of her Signature Stories. By now, I’ve helped hundreds develop their stores – time and again they call me having experienced the same kinds of results and reactions.

Remember – You could be one story away from getting anything you want!


Ready to Start Working on Your Signature Story?

Inquire About Story Focus Days


Work privately with me as your own Storytelling Coach!

I provide group workshops for corporations and non-profits all around the country and am often asked by individuals whether I could work with them privately – one-to-one (or with a small group of their leadership team.)

This year I’ve set aside 12 days for this kind of private coaching. For these special days I completely customize it to make sure you get the stories and tools you need to be a master communicator.

What Kinds of Stories Do You Need?

Your “Why I do What I Do” Story

  • Do you feel that you have a mission when it comes to your work or your life? Why? There’s a powerful story behind every great cause.

Case Study stories

  • Most businesses need to provide examples of how they’ve helped others. Are you telling your case study stories in ways that really engage effectively?

Cautionary Stories

  • These kinds of stories can increase sales by warning others of the pain of not taking action.

Teaching Stories

  • Our brains are not as wired to receive left-brain data as much as they are wired to process information through right-brain stories. You can learn to embed teaching points within a story.

Motivational stories

  • Do you want to be seen as the leader to whom everyone looks up to- to feel empowered and inspired?. You have stories to tell which will change people’s lives.

Your “Phoenix” story

  • The Power of Vulnerability is at play here: when you tell your own story of how you reinvented yourself, how you were able to rise from the ashes…this is tremendously influential for others to hear about. The Phoenix Story establishes your relatability and authenticity like no other.

Your Origin Story

  • Have you created, developed, invented something? What got you into the work you do now? Why does it matter? Your Origin Story answers the question “What got you into this?”

Faith-based stories

  • Want to make a difference to someone’s spiritual life? Your testimony of how God has worked in your life deserves to be heard.

Stories used for the media

  • Do you aspire to do radio, TV, print media or blogging? You need to be able to provide stories which communicate your message while also engaging their audience.

Legacy stories

  • How will you be remembered by family, friends, colleagues and the world at large? Through sharing your life-lessons and experiences through your stories.


You Can Use Stories to Become a More Effective Communicator When You:

  • Make an important presentation at a meeting
  • Want to be more relatable
  • Look to stand out from the crowd
  • Desire to build more powerful relationships
  • Are going to make a speech or offer a workshop to a live audience
  • Want to close a sale
  • Pitch a potential funder and you need impactful case stories
  • Are connected to a non-profit organization and want to help them be more influential, get their message out or raise money
  • Have a message you want to get out to the world.
  • Want to be perceived as a memorable guest when you do interviews with the media
  • Need engaging content for your website, internet marketing and social media
  • Want to stand out at conferences, associations and networking events
  • Want to influence someone to change their mind
  • Desire to inspire and motivate others
  • Yearn to leave a legacy, passing on your own experiences to future generations.
  • Want to show others that you are empathetic and you care
  • Want to motivate others to take action.

Here’s How it Works:

Step 1

Click the orange “Inquire About Story Focus Days” button on this page and complete the short questionnaire to begin the process. Once you submit the questionnaire, let’s plan on chatting over the phone so that you can share your goals with me, ask any questions and then you will decide whether to work together. This is a no-charge first consultation (30-45 minutes).

Step 2

Once you’ve decided to move forward and reserve your Story Focus Day we’ll have a second phone meeting during which we’ll set the date, plan out the day to meet your needs and begin the process of identifying the key stories you want to develop with me (45-60 minutes).

Step 3

We meet in person for your special Story Focus Day! We work together for up to 8 hours, from 9:00-5:00pm, and then have the option to share a gourmet dinner together to wind down afterwards. We’ll meet at one of my locations either in the Philadelphia area from March-December, or just south of sunny Tampa in January and February. (I am open to traveling to you -– extra fees apply, of course.)

During the Story Focus Day, in addition to working on a story or two, you and I have a lot of options: we can roleplay, practice aloud, work on any new upcoming presentations, re-tool a past speech, create your mission statement, work on your networking skills, I can coach you on your vocal quality, gestures and movement, we can review your website and written materials and build your Story List for future development.

By the way, this will be a lot of fun and you’ll leave feeling very encouraged – there’s something about working on stories that really grounds us and is energizing.

Step 4

I am totally committed to you becoming a great storyteller. So, once you get back home, I am giving you up to two extra hours of phone coaching with me plus email support for three months beyond the event.

Step 5

Once you start using your stories and if you videotape them I will be happy to assess and provide feedback to polish it and take it to the next level.


You may be just one story away from building that more meaningful relationship, influencing that change, hitting that goal, getting more sales, convincing that funder, receiving that standing ovation…

I Look Forward to Working With You!


Testimonials from Geoffrey’s Clients:

“I was hired by a Fortune 25 company to deliver a keynote for their flagship clients. Commanding a significant speaking fee and knowing substantial follow-on consulting business was at stake, I hired Geoffrey Berwind to help elevate me to a super-elite level.

After Geoffrey worked with me, the speech became an engaging, experiential event for the audience. It felt like I had a Hollywood-class director and screenplay writer all in one.

My client rushed to me after the event and told me that I nailed the presentation and that she knew it would lead to significant follow-on business for her company. Speaking of follow-on business, I signed every dollar of follow-on consulting business that I had anticipated. Geoffrey is THE maestro of storytelling!”


“The powerful presentation skills I’ve learned from Geoffrey Berwind have helped me make huge leaps forward in my speeches, teleseminars, interviews, and writing.  The strategies he teaches helped me bring in an additional $200,000 in business in one year. If you want to make big money by just changing a few things in your speech or interview, then get Geoffrey to coach you today! I give him my highest recommendation!”

Steve Harrison, Bradley Communications Corp.

“I have been in front of major audiences for years, but working with Geoffrey Berwind on one of my signature stories showed me that I was missing key elements on how to tell my story most effectively and now I see the power of having a personal coach for my presentations. When I put into practice what Geoffrey taught me I gave the best speech of my career!”

Denise Winston – Financial Expert and Founder of Money Starts Here, a financial education company.

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